One-time cleaning gives you an opportunity to get the home clean, you may be preparing for guests or an event or just want the house to be cleaned after a long break. Allow us to clean your house before guests arrive or the event kicks off. The cleaning will be thorough, our maids will ensure that every part of the house is cleaned, the kitchen, master bedroom, guest rooms, laundry, bathrooms, living room, balcony, hallway, staircase and any other place which needs cleaning. We will pay close attention in virtually all the places that need cleaning, we aim to create an environment that is clean and healthy, whatever the reason for one-time cleaning, and we will give you a service that meets your needs. We also offer weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services, whatever arrangement fits you, talk to us first.

Apart from our One-Time Cleaning we also offer regular or recurring cleaning. This can be either weekly, bi-weekly or every two weeks, monthly or any other arrangement as agreed with our customers. We aim to give you a flexible cleaning service that allows you to attend to your duties without worrying about the house. We will clean your house regularly at an agreed-upon time; we will make arrangements a time and day convenient for you. You can utilize our services on any arrangement that you feel fits your house and schedule, and remember we do not utilize contracts, you are not obliged to recurring cleaning, it’s all upon request and confirmation. You are free to terminate the service at any time. We aim to give our customers a recurring cleaning that meets their needs and schedule.

If you are planning to move out of your house or moving in to a new house, cleaning services come in handy. Start life in a new house on a clean and healthy note. We will offer you superb cleaning services to ensure that you step in style. We will clean the house before you move in, ensure that all the rooms, stairways, windows, curtains, kitchen, hallway, balcony, garage and any other place is clean. We will dust off your new home to get rid of all dusty particles, freeing the room from agents that may compromise your health. We will also ensure that all your items are perfectly polished and cleaned before moving them into your new home. If you are moving out we offer cleaning services to ensure that everything is clean and ready for transportation. Cleaning, whether moving in and out ensures that your items are clean, no bugs are taken out or brought in, it gives you a fresh start, we are committed to giving you that.

A newly constructed house cannot be ready for settling in unless it is perfectly cleaned and arranged. Our post construction cleaning services will ensure that the new house is ready, we will pay attention to every detail in ensuring that all the rooms, windows, garage, kitchen, walls , balcony, furniture, cabinets, toilets, mirrors and any other item or place that need cleaned is perfectly. We pay special attention to all the areas that need cleaning, ensuring that the surface is left perfectly clean. We allow you to move into your new house in a style, get into a clean and healthy environment, free of dirt, paint scents and other materials that were used for construction. Our team of professional post construction cleaners will ensure that every corner and surface has been touched, furniture arranged and new house ready for occupation.

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